Who are we

From left to right.: Monique Edelaar, Renate van der Zon LLM, Gerrie van Keppel, Pieter van der Waals BBA, Tim van Leeuwen

Let us introduce ourselves:

Gerrie van Keppel has been in the business for over 25 years. She is bookkeeping the administration for our clients.

Tim van Leeuwen has been working with us for four years now. He is involved in bookkeeping administrations, and prepares annual reports and company income tax returns.

Monique Edelaar joined us five years ago. In addition to annual reports for our clients, she handles our clients’ payroll administration.

Renate van der Zon LLM, has been part of our team for two years now. She takes care of our clients’ payroll administration, prepares income tax returns for entrepreneurs and private individuals, and investigates fiscal issues.

Pieter van der Waals BBA, owner and founder of our office, is in charge of daily management, coaches the team and advises our clients.

In short, we have extensive knowledge about business administration, financial and fiscal matters. We are all specialists, share our knowledge and are each other’s sparring partner. As a result, we are the ideal partner to provide you with advice and practical assistance in your day-to-day operations.


Van Zuylen van Nijeveltstraat 298A,
2242 LM Wassenaar
The Netherlands


Postbus 2164
2240 CD Wassenaar
The Netherlands