What do we do

Our daily activities

No day is the same at Cash flow administrations, but we are primarily involved in:

  • bookkeeping for companies, foundations and owners associations;
  • ┬ápreparing VAT returns, including VAT EU recapitulative statements;
  • ┬ápreparing (consolidated) annual reports;
  • preparing prognoses and budgets;
  • drawing up (corporate) income tax returns;
  • real estate management;
  • payroll administration for any industry;
  • 30% ruling applications for expats;
  • advice on, and drafting of, employment agreements;
  • advice on hiring and/or firing of employees;
  • advice on administrative and fiscal issues.

If you desire, we will work on (your) location.


What else do we have to offer

As a result of us handling your bookkeeping and preparing your tax returns, we are able to provide you with optimal advice on any financial issue. We often involve external professionals, including notaries, lawyers, mediators and contacts at various banks. We would be happy to introduce you to our extensive network, which we have been cooperating with for many years now.

Together with our external advisers, we handle:

  • complex funding requests;
  • intermediation banks with complex real estate portfolios;
  • personal administratorship;
  • subsidy applications;
  • advice on gift and inheritance tax;
  • winding up of estates;
  • technical management owners associations;
  • advice on setting up of companies and legal forms;
  • advice on divorce settlement;
  • international asset management advice;
  • questions on insurance;
  • questions on pension accrual, managed either by yourself or externally;
  • company (re)organization;
  • any other issue relating to business administration and fiscal matters.

In summary, you can turn to us for any issue, simple or complex. We will find the appropriate solution!


Van Zuylen van Nijeveltstraat 298A,
2242 LM Wassenaar
The Netherlands


Postbus 2164
2240 CD Wassenaar
The Netherlands