Chiropractic Wright:

Pieter van der Waals has been my accountant since 2003. During the past 12 years he has proven to be extremely competent in a variety of areas that affect my personal and professional life. In my personal life he was instrumental in securing a residency permit from the IND. He handled the financial end of my divorce, saving me a significant amount of money. Without his financial wizardry I would not have been able, at the age of 60, to purchase my first home.

Professionally, he consulted with me in setting up both of my clinics. He initiated my first BV and later restructured the BV for tax purposes, when new rules were introduced. Pieter keeps up with changes in the tax laws and immediately notifies me if there are changes that are beneficial to me.

It is my opinion that Pieter has always conducted himself in a professional manner, to the highest standard of his profession, to serving me in my professional and personal needs. I look forward to a continuing relationship with Pieter for many years.

Dr. W. Michael Wright

Doctor of Chiropractic


Van Zuylen van Nijeveltstraat 298A,
2242 LM Wassenaar
The Netherlands


Postbus 2164
2240 CD Wassenaar
The Netherlands