WOZ value

Most likely, you again received the municipal tax assessment notice including the WOZ value of your house or company premises (the value under the Valuation of Immovable Property Act). Based on this WOZ value, you pay property , income, inheritance, water, and – if applicable – also corporate income tax.In many cases, the WOZ value will have been overestimated by your municipality. There may also be special circumstances justifying a lower WOZ value.

Our office cooperates with nationally operating WOZ consultants. Possibly, as the owner of a house and/or company premises you are paying hundreds of euros more than you should as a result of an overestimated WOZ value.

Do you wish to have your WOZ value checked right now? Click here and sign up your building/property.

The WOZ objection procedure for your own house is fully free of charge. The no cure, no pay principle applies to company premises and other objects. This means that you only pay 25% excl. VAT of the municipal tax benefits realized when the WOZ value is adjusted downwards.

We would like to stress, though, that your statement of objections must have been filed within six weeks after the date on the assessment.


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